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Exterior Border

We are a professional Chinese manufacturer. We provide customers with quality products and one-stop service. Browse our website for further information on what you need. In this directory, you will learn about the contents of the Hot sale,cladding wall tile,cladding wall tile product.

Embossed super man wall decoration

Item No.:ZGT06B137C Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 1

Embossed sculpture wall decoration

Embossed sculpture wall decoration

Item No.:ZCT01A032C/ ZCT01A144C/ ZCT01A332C Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 3

Wave sculpture wall decoration

Item No.:ZAI01A018C/ ZAI01A322B/ ZAI01B129E/ ZAI01B619E Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 4

Cameo 3D wall decoration

Item No.:ZAH01A014C/ ZAH01A320B/ ZAH01B126E/ ZAH01B616E Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 4

Sculpture cross type border ceramics on wall

Item No.:ZAG08A017D/ ZAG08A130D/ ZAG08B131E/ ZAG08B623C Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 4

Cross type sculpture border ceramics

Item No.:ZAG01A004D/ ZAG01A613D/ ZAG01A023D/ ZAG01B117D/ ZAG01B118D9/ ZAG01B119D Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 6 (White, Grey, Chocolate, Black)

Embossed sculpture border ceramics

Item No.:ZAF01A003D/ ZAF01A614D Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 2

Cameo embossed wall border ceramics

Item No.:ZAE02A002D/ ZAE02A310D/ ZAE02A311D/ ZAD02B505D Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 4

Sculpture exterior border wall

Item No.:ZAE01A012D/ ZAE01A317D/ ZAE01A318D Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 3

Artificial Sculpture wall border ceramics

Item No.:ZAD01A010D/ ZAD01A025D/ ZAD01A313D Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 3

Sculpture embossed wall border ceramics

Item No.:ZAC01B113D/ ZAC01B114D/ ZAC01B115D/ ZAC01B116D Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 4

Wall cameo border ceramics

Wall cameo border ceramics

Item No.:ZAB01A008D/ ZAB01A315D/ ZAB01B121D/ ZAB01B123D Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 4 (Beige, Brown reddish)

Wall sculpture border ceramics

Item No.:ZAA01A007D/ ZAA01A314D/ ZAA01B120D/ ZAA01B122D Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 4

Wall Sculpture decoration ceramics

Item No.:YCQ06A029C/ YCQ06A141C/ YCQ06A330C Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 3 (White, Grey, Tan)

Embossed border ceramics, exterior wall use

Item No.:YCH06A006A/ YCH06A106A/ YCH06A306A/ YCH06A605B/ YCH06A606A/ YCH06C202B Size(mm)L*W*H: Color: 6 (White, Grey, Brown reddish)

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