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External Stone Look Wall Tile, AMNY59933D

Item No.:AMNY59933D 
Seam (mm): 8 
Material: Full body ceramics 
Water absorption: 0.5-3% 
Certification: ISO9001:2000, 3C 
Package info:60Pcs/Ctn, 26.5Kg/Ctn, 0.8172Sq.mtr/Ctn, 63Pcs/Sq.mtr 27tons' 
Container info: 1010Ctns, 60600Pcs, 825Sq.mtr Function: Acid-Resistant 
Antibacterial  Firebrick  Heat Insulation Wear-Resistant

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This is the description of External Stone Look Wall Tile, AMNY59933D




house outside wall tiles
house outside wall tiles
home exterior tiles
home exterior tiles
house outside wall tiles     home exterior tiles
house outside wall tiles home exterior tiles

House outside wall tiles Need to pay attention when buying
Color sense
Mainly whether the tiles are colored, the color is rich, the tiles have no color difference, and the colors are rich and colorful. For example, the gold rudder ceramic Parayiba adopts double-lined cloth crystal technology, and the design is novel, smooth, colorless and rich in color. Consumers can tile flat on the ground and fight to a square meter. They are three meters away. Whether they have different shades or they cannot connect, they have no aesthetic barriers. If they don't, they show no color. The tile without a color difference spreads in the home, gives the person the beautiful enjoyment, but the color ceramic tile is annoying, the eye is uncomfortable.
In other words, the quality and quality of the material give people a feeling of different textures, giving a variety of sensations, such as soft and hard, apparent, smooth, astringent, brittle, transparent and turbid. The golden rudder Parayiba combines classical beauty with modern beauty and is full of layers. The flaky particles have a natural texture. The rich appearance, smooth natural atmosphere and part-time, luxurious atmosphere and the gentle and elegant color of the majestic appearance is the key to texture.
Looking forward to your inquiry for this、house outside wall tiles home exterior tiles